Bid same-week empty seats and FLYOFF when an airline accepts!


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    Choose destinations from videos generated by our users.



    Negotiate the price of your ticket directly with airlines.


    Enjoy spontaneous travel like never before!


    Tinder for cheap flights

    Step 1

    Bids will expire after 2 weeks.


    Swipe through travel destinations and create your own bid. We'll provide the average market price as a reference.

    Match with a cheap flight

    Step 2

    At most 7 days before departure.

    Get notified if your bid is accepted! FLYOFF will constantly track the best matches for you!

    Book your cheap flight

    Step 3

    3 hours until match expires.

    Confirm trip details before you pay and get ready to FLYOFF!

  • FAQs

    What makes FLYOFF unique?

    – Many of us love traveling spontaneously and jumping on a plane; yet, more often than not, finding affordable fares is a pain. FLYOFF lets you bid for seats on upcoming flights, at your price, directly with the airlines. No more empty seat wasted; just pure spontaneous travels!


    Where do these amazing deals come from?

    – Directly from airlines which have partnered with us.


    Which routes are available?
    – To find out, you have to make bids and get a match. There are currently 20 available routes and more are being added each week. All flights are direct and departing from Paris Europe-wide.


    Why trust FLYOFF?
    – FLYOFF has been made by spontaneous travelers for spontaneous travelers, with all our heart, for a better world. No IP tracking, no hidden cost, no advertising, safe travels only!


    How much will I end up paying?

    – Your price or less – priceless yes! Fares can range between 60% discount and the best public market price. We are also negotiating free deals...


    Can I choose specific flight times?

    – Our algorithms will match you with the best flight times, depending on availability. We also provide a weekend filter that lets you include Friday and Saturday nights in your travel!


    When are the best deals?
    – The closer to the departure.


    When will my bid expire?

    – After two weeks.


    How can I get the best deals?
    – It depends on our inventory and on the level of your proposition. FLYOFF matches with the best offer.

    When can I use FLYOFF?
    – For direct, round-trip flights that depart within 7 days. Return flights can be up to 15 days.


    Does FLYOFF including hospitality?
    – No. We recommend you to use Airbnb, HotelTonight or Couchsurfing.


    How can I help FLYOFF?
    – Join us and/or recommend us to your (airline/investor/journalist) friends!

    From where can I FLYOFF?
    – Only Paris for now. More cities coming soon!


    How long can I FLYOFF?
    – The length of your stay can range from less than 1 day and 15 days.


    Can I fly off with friends?
    – Yes, you can fly off with up to 8 friends (9 passengers in total).


    Can I use FLYOFF for a friend?
    – Yes, you can use FLYOFF to book for a friend, as long as you fill the fields with the required passenger's information.


    Can I post videos too?
    – Yes, you can. We will notify you if we publish them.


    How can I create a proposition?
    – Adjust the price slider to your budget before and swipe the video to the right of your screen.


    What price should I propose?
    – You are free to propose any price displayed on the slider. The higher, the more chance you get to fly off. We also show the average market price observed for a departure within the next 7 days.

    How long before the flight can I get a match?
    – Matches can be notified anytime once you have made a proposition – at best 7 days before departure and until the departure date.


    Do I have to book if I get a match?
    – No. You only book if you agree with the match details after being notified.


    More questions?

    – Drop us an email at question@schlack.co.



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